Giving Back

When deciding to pursue our dream of opening this store, one thing that we knew for sure, was that we wanted to give back. We would work out how and to whom at some point but we knew that this was a must! The more our vision grew, the more ideas we were excited about implementing to give back to the community. We wanted to make it fun and also to share the charitable donations between different groups that could benefit from it. We are also committed to purchasing products from companies that feel the same way and give back to organizations that need it. By purchasing several products sold here, you are helping rescue groups all over make a better life for an animal in need. Watch our Facebook page and website for more info and specials on how you can help and what products will give back!

We are proud of the charitable Giving Campaigns and work that each of our product lines participate in, and enjoy showcasing their great programs. We will routinely highlight some of these companies that we feel exemplify charitable giving at its best.