We carry all the Items from Pet Releaf. They are by far our number one brand in CBD. (we’ve already sold 375 units TY not even 4 months in for over $17k in sales )

pet releaf

We carry a few items from Holistic Hound, the mushroom powder, the Mushroom CBD oil, and the Mushroom/CBD Treats in the 7.5mg and the new soft treats.

holistic hound

We carry Austin and Kat Oils and Treats.

austin and kat

We carry most items from Colorado Hemp Honey. The Jars, both sizes, the 10pk sticks and the single sticks, and the tinctures of oil (Bacon and Salmon)

colorado hemp honey

We carry the soft chews with CBD from Super Snouts and the Mushroom Powder.

super snout

We carry a couple of the Green Coast Pets Soft Hemp/CBD treats for cats and Dogs

green coast