VEE Peacock Feather Tie on

by Vee

PURRfect® Feather Cat Toy and CrunchyFeather Tie-Ons

Made In USA


TIE-ON Attachments



All Tie-Ons Contain No Metal Connectors

Feathers are all Natural and Naturally Processed

All Tie-Ons attach to the PURRfect® Feather Cat Toy and the PURRfect® CrunchyFeather Cat Toy

PURRfect® Feather Tie-On: Natural Chicken and Turkey Feathers

PURRfect® CrunchyFeather Tie-On: Natural Feathers Surrounding a Crunchy Tear Resistant Plastic

PURRfect® String Tie-On: 5 Bright Reinforced Colored Cords- up to 12" long

PURRfect® Peacock Tie-On: Special Design Reinforced Natural Peacock Feather Eye