Natural Dog 12" Braided Bully Stick Odor Free

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12" Braided Bully Stick Odor Free (Bulk)


Ingredients: 100% bull pizzle, sourced from free-range South American cattle.


Description: A bull pizzle is split lengthwise, and these strips are braided together to create a braided bully stick. We hand-sort all of our bully sticks by weight, to ensure consistency. 12" regular braided bully sticks weigh between 60g-124g. There is a tough strip of beef intestine wrapped around the end of the braid which helps keep its shape.


Chew Time: This is a very long lasting chew for the majority of dogs.


Recommended for: Large dogs weighing 50+lbs. Suitable for all life stages.


This durable braided bully is a long lasting chew for even the most powerful of dogs. It's a tougher chew compared to a regular straight bully stick.


Guaranteed Analysis: 

Fat 0.46%

Protein 86.86%

Moisture 9.86%

Fiber 1.55%

Calorie Content (calculated) 3930 Kcal ME/kg; 235 kcal ME per 12" braided bully stick