Hyper Pet Pet Oral Health Bowl Green

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OHBowl Medium Green, Dog


The world’s first Oral Health Bowl for dogs. Daily pet dental care that fits into your life!


The Hyper Pet OH Bowl™ is vet developed to encourage your pet to lick across the raised rubber tips along the bottom of the bowl to clean their tongue, remove bacteria, and freshen breath. Did you know 80% of bacteria in the mouth is not on the teeth? Regularly cleaning your dog’s tongue may help reduce disease causing bacteria, reduce bad breath odors, and stimulate production of saliva leading to over all healthier teeth and gums.


To encourage extra licking, by getting more food to stick to the tongue cleaning zone, try adding a few drops of water or tasty liquid to the bowl before adding food. Create a boredom buster for your pet by spreading a tasty soft treat e.g. yogurt, soft meat, fish, milk. Increased licking encourages the release of endorphins which relaxes and satisfies pets.


Product Benefits

● Vet developed

● Tongue cleaner to remove bacteria

● Prevents bad breath odors

● Stimulates saliva, aiding with gum and teeth health.

● Suitable for small to medium dogs

● Holds up to 4 cups/ 1 litre serving of dry or wet dog food

● Anti-skid base

● Non-toxic

● Made from food grade PP and TPR rubber. Rubber is fused to the bowl. No glues or adhesives used

● Diameter 23 x 27.5 cm/ 9″ x 11″

● Dishwasher safe