Earth Animal Chicken Cutlets Shine Support 8oz


SHINE Chicken Cutlets with Brushed on Benefits®

Dr. Bob Goldstein chose the most common health conditions that affect dogs today and then thoughtfully created formulas made up of targeted ingredients for a true health benefit. Each small batch is Brushed-On™ with its own beneficial marinade of vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, and savory olive oil.  And, it's proudly made in Lancaster County, PA. 


We start with humanely-raised, American chicken breast and then we raise the game with Brushed on Benefits™. SHINE Chicken Cutlets with Brushed on Benefits™ are brushed with Inositol, a B vitamin associated with healthy skin. Inositol also helps in the regrowth of hair. And, zinc as an essential mineral required for the health and development of the skin and coat.

Ingredients: Chicken Breast, Vegetable Glycerine (USP), Olive Oil, Inositol, Zinc Proteinate, Vitamin E Supplement.


Guaranteed Analysis (per pound): Crude Protein - 50% Minimum Crude Fat - 2% Minimum Crude Fiber - 1% Maximum Moisture - 21% Maximum Inositol - 85mg Minimum Zinc Proteinate - 45mg Min


Calorie Summary: 2744 kcal/kg 77.80 kcal/oz


The lean & clean

Humanely-raised, American chicken without antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, or steroids

No carbohydrates and gluten free

No wheat, corn or soy, and grain free

No added salts or sugars

No chemicals or additives - ever. 


Bag Size: 8 oz.

Recommended Feeding Guidelines:

Dog Weight

5-10 lbs. - 1 cutlets per day

11-20 lbs. - 1-2 cutlets per day

21-80 lbs. - 1-3 cutlets per day

81+ lbs. - 1-4 cutlets per day


More than anything, size matters and supervision counts.


Dogs chew as a form of play, they chew to eat, they chew out of boredom, and they chew because it makes their taste buds happy. Dogs choose to chew – but, it’s up to us as pet parents to supervise their chew choices to keep this activity both fun and safe.  


Make sure to always pick the right size for your dog (For longer-lasting chews, please choose a chew that is larger than the mouth). Keep a close watch for small, torn off, and unrolled pieces (If this occurs, gently remove these immediately). Always monitor your dogs and cats while they chew and be sure they have plenty of fresh, clean water nearby. If they cannot be supervised, remove the chew from their reach.


And remember, any chew, food, snack, toy, and even sticks and stones, have the potential to cause choking. For your dog or cat to experience the most enjoyable chewing experience depends on the dog’s size, health, and chewing preferences.  Know your dog’s CHEW IQ.