Doggie Design Blue and White Floral Dress w/Lead


Blue and White Pastel Pearls Floral Dress with Matching Leash

Flowers, pearls, bows, what more could a girl want? A matching leash, yep, that's included too! The Pastel Pearl Dress was made for spring and the colors show! Simple enough for an evening stroll or stylish enough for an Easter party! Includes a matching leash, a sewn in D-ring for easy walking and has heavy duty hook and loop closure for added safety.

Size            Chest             Neck             Weight

XS              10-13            7-10              3-5

Sm             13-16            10-13            6-10

Med            16-19            13-16            11-15

Lrg             19-21            16-19            16-25


WARNING: This item contains elements that, if removed, may pose a choking hazard to humans and animals.