Deborah (DJ)


DJ was our 3rd employee here at Firehouse, joining us the year we opened in 2015, and boy was she a blessing! DJ has so much experience in such a vast arena that she is a wealth of knowledge. She was the Product Manager at Dogwise for about 4 years before joining us, she long ago was in management for Petco, and even owned her own Pet Store in Redmond. DJ worked as a Vet Tech for years under 5 vet clinics, worked for Search and Rescue, worked with Police Canine Units (she was the first AC Officer licensed to use and carry animal euthanasia in WA State). DJ also taught at the Wa State Criminal Justice training commission, and had an National internet talk show called Critter Connections. You should check out her Critter Connections website she made and maintains for the Wenatchee Valley. DJ was also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator specializing in raptors for over 17 years. She was a State and National Horse Show Medal winner. DJ is also trained in Pet CPR/First Aid. Customers refer to her as the Pug Lady as she owns over 130 Pug Shirts and has 4 Pugs, (Sadie, Ollie, LuLu and Pearl).