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Self Pet Wash Spa

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Uh Oh!  Has your pup rolled around in a mess and is now the smelliest pup on the block? 

Or has the memory of the last time you washed your pup in the bathtub caused you to hesitate ever washing your pup again?  Firehouse Pet Shop has just the solution for you!  Check out the Self-wash spa and you will never delay washing again!  Our tubs are tall enough to save your back from aching tomorrow, and allow for two people or more to easily wash any size dog.  We provide towels, brushes, your choice of some great quality shampoos, conditioners, ear wipes, eye wipes, and yummy after bath spray on conditioners.  We also have quiet variable speed dryers to get the drying job done fast! Even better, let us clean up the mess and do the laundry!

Watch our Video below to see how easy it is to do! This is our sweet Penny who HATED baths at home and it was a chore! Let alone a mess! She enjoys them now, and just enjoys the spa day! You'll be surprised at how easy and enjoyable it can be!

Pricing for the Self Wash includes everything you'll need, your choice of great quality products, and there is no time limit! Take all the time you need to pamper your pup!

  • Dogs Under 20 lbs are $12

  • Dogs 20 to 60 lbs are $16

  • Dogs over 60lb's are $20

**Save $4 when you bathe 2 Dogs!

**Ask about our punch card for frequent bathers where you earn a free wash!

** Walk in Nail Trims are $10 daily, but get one with your self-wash and it is only $7!