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How to Choose a Healthy Cat Food

Because cats are obligate carnivores, start by looking for high quality proteins. They need nutrients, like taurine, certain essential fatty acids and fully-formed vitamin A. While carnivores don't have a nutritional requirement for carbohydrates, they can use them if they are highly digestible. Since all kibble has to have carbohydrates, you should be sure it is from a high quality source. Brown rice and barley are examples of good sources of carbohydrates for cats, although Grain Free is a great option for cats, as well as a Raw Diet.

Because cats are desert creatures, they have a tendency to be dehydrated and not drink as much water as they should. A cat's diet when hunting prey would be approximately 78% moisture, while a dry kibble is only about 10% moisture. If a cat is fed only dry kibble, they may be chronically dehydrated. Canned and raw foods are about 78% moisture, and may help to reduce the likeliness of UTI’s and Kidney issues. We highly recommend adding at least some canned food to your cats diet or looking into a Raw Diet. 

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